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CNN's Roland Martin Prescribes 'Shock Therapy' for PJ Media's David Steinberg, on Twitter

Tom Blumer captured the tweet argument at NewsBusters:

In a series of tweets at around 5 p.m. [Saturday] seen after the jump, Steinberg criticized Martin for spending so much time on the press's Trayvon Martin obsession -- where one person tragically died -- while ignoring the impact and meaning of the documents leaked by an unnamed Department of Justice official relating to the Fast and Furious "gunwalking" scandal -- as a result of which"at least 300 Mexicans, plus at least two American law enforcement agents" have been killed. Martin's responses were immature, insulting, condescending -- and all too typical of a press corps which, now that it is seeing poll results it doesn't like, has in certain cases taken to calling voters stupid.

Blumer screencapped the tweets -- in one, Martin tells Steinberg to "stay in your pajamas," and in another, Martin tweets to Steinberg:

we also cover mental health issues. Shock therapy could do you wonders! Buh bye!

CNN does cover mental health issues, occasionally including those involving its own anchors. Roland Martin was suspended for a bizarre tweet regarding a David Beckham underwear ad in February; his suspension ended less than two weeks ago. Another suspension could do wonders... Eh, probably not.

At any rate, CNN's anchor man is ill-informed on a couple of stories in all this. He's clearly uninterested in the Fast and Furious scandal and the hundreds who have died as a result of that criminally insane Obama administration program. Pajamas Media has been called PJ Media for several months now. Mr. Martin should try to keep up. And I doubt Mr. Martin is qualified to prescribe shock therapy for our staff, or anyone else for that matter.