CNN Poll: Half Oppose Obama's Abortifacient Mandate

Voters are separating the availability of contraceptives, which the debate isn't about at all, with the illegal mandate forcing everyone to pay for them over their faith-based objections. Many also seem to understand something obviousthat Obama doesn't: Ain't nothing in this life for free:

According to the survey, 50% of the public disapproves of the Obama administration policy, with 44% saying they approve of the plan. The margin is right at the edge of the poll's sampling error.

Surveys on this topic tell a mixed story because many Americans know little about the issue. Recent CBS and Fox polls indicate support for the new policy, using questions that describe the new policy in some detail. But in the CNN poll, when asked their opinion of the Obama policy with no details spelled out, support was much less and a large partisan divide emerged. A recent Pew poll also suggests Americans are closely divided, and that poll may hold the key to the differences. Nearly four in ten Americans say they have heard nothing at all about this controversy.

Democrats are using a variety of sleight of hand tricks to change the terms of the debate, everything from "You're trying to ban bacon!" style arguments to "Look, over there, someone who gives money to Rick Santorum said something stupid!"

We're supposed to hold Foster Friess against Santorum, but not hold Obama's pastor of 20 years, the obviously racist and anti-American Jeremiah Wright against him? Um, ok, whatever. No one ever said liberals had to be consistent. Or even make sense.