Climategate: Phil Jones Still Has More Reflecting To Do

Phil Jones' responses to the BBC were notable for the fact that the BBC actually asked some probing questions. Also, Jones actually answered them.

But of more significance was that, although Jones was willing to admit some of the obvious problems with the warmist position (such as whether the 1975-98 warming is unprecedented, and whether the Medieval Warm Period was warmer), Jones remains unwilling to take a broader and more objective view of climate science despite having had ample time to contemplate all that has transpired.

In this, his views may be representative of many of the committed warmists central to the preparation of the IPCC reports. But this certainly is not the objective viewpoint that the EPA -- and others -- should insist on in making multi-trillion dollar regulatory decisions.

In particular:

1. Jones admits that the 1975-98 warming as measured by HadCRUT is similar to earlier warming periods.

This is obvious, but it is significant that someone so close to the IPCC is willing to admit it -- given that warmists have so strongly emphasized how unprecedented warming was during this period.