Climategate: More Science Fiction from the IPCC

It is obvious to everyone that the energy of tropical cyclones has been slowly decreasing, not increasing, since the 1970s, at least in the early part of the hurricane season. This data has long been available. To claim the opposite, as the IPCC most recent report did, is intentional fraud.  Many people have pointed out this fraud with the hurricane data, most recently Les Hatton. It is also clear from the first two figures above that the peak of tropical cyclone energy was in the early 1990s, not in 2005. Indeed, Katrina hit New Orleans in the local peak year 2005, but hurricane energy has been decreasing rapidly ever since.

I might also add that, when it hit, Hurricane Katrina had decreased from a Category 5 to a Category 3 hurricane. Had the Army Corps of Engineers kept New Orleans levees in repair, as they had promised, we would have had no flooding in New Orleans. (The Corps does not allow us in New Orleans to repair our own levees, and in fact, has threatened to file a lawsuit to prevent us from looking out for ourselves.)

However, to its credit, the Corps wanted to construct, long before Katrina hit, a flood barrier for New Orleans analogous to the Thames Barrier protecting London. The proposed New Orleans flood barrier, which would have stopped the Katrina flooding, was itself stopped by federal court order after environmentalists filed a lawsuit. Federal government interference has cost us dearly in New Orleans. It has cost more than 1,000 human lives, including a friend of mine. The IPCC hurricane fraud -- Hurricanegate -- is part of the scientific fraud that underlies modern environmentalism, and the IPCC itself.

In the Jack Vance novels, the Demon Princes were criminal leaders whom the IPCC was hunting down to protect the innocent. In our world, the leaders of the IPCC are the Demon Princes.