Clear Channel, Intimidated by Terror, Forbids Criticism of Muhammad on Their Billboards

Apparently, it is now forbidden to dissent publicly from the idea that Muhammad was nothing less than the perfect example for all human conduct that the Qur’an says he is (33:21).

Clear Channel’s Jessen may be dimly aware that criticism of Muhammad is forbidden in Islamic law, not American law, but he knows very well that if he allows our ad, he and his company would be subjected to a barrage of “peer pressure and shaming” from the Leftists and Islamic supremacists who dominate the public discourse today.

And who needs that? Not Clear Channel. Better just to fall into line.

Mr. Jessen needs to understand that, in practice, he is obeying the immortal words of 9/11 hijacker Muhammad Atta:

Stay quiet and you’ll be okay.

If we all just stay quiet, perhaps we will barely notice the imposition of Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech, enforced through Hillary’s “peer pressure and shaming.”