Clapper's Last Strike: Telling the Libyan Rebels They'll Lose

His answer did not consist of a few inarticulate words but was a thoroughly misleading representation of the Brotherhood. Ignorance at this high of a level is frightening and cannot be accepted. The U.S. cannot afford to have a director of national intelligence that answers a question about the Muslim Brotherhood by unwittingly facilitating its deceptive PR effort.

We must not also forget Clapper’s embarrassment in December. The Obama administration decided to have Diane Sawyer interview several of its top security officials all at once to prove that it is taking the holiday terrorism threat seriously. The news headlines blared that morning about how a dozen suspected terrorists were arrested in London planning attacks around Christmas. When asked about these arrests, Clapper was clueless.

The Obama administration first tried to cover for Clapper, saying Sawyer’s question was “ambiguous.” Shortly after, it was admitted that Clapper did not know about the holiday terror arrests even though he was about to be interviewed about preventing holiday terror plots. It was said that he did not have an immediate need to know because the arrests were not related to the U.S. homeland and no action was necessary on his part.

This was an unacceptable excuse. The director of national intelligence is not the director of the FBI or secretary of homeland security. His job is to oversee the entire intelligence community covering both foreign and domestic, not just the homeland. And if there’s any time to know about the thwarting of major terror plots, it’s before an important interview on the subject.

All of these mistakes have happened since December, a period of less than four months. What will the next four months bring? It’s time for a new director of national intelligence.