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Clapper on, intelligence off

James Clapper has shown himself to be a pillar of ignorance. He seems to think the Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's version of the YMCA, when in the real world they are the fountainhead of global jihadist ideology.

On Friday’s “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” columnist Mark Steyn had some harsh words for Clapper, not only for the intelligence failures surrounding the Egyptian turmoil, but also for his comments that the Muslim Brotherhood as a “secular” organization.

“This is the director of intelligence of the global superpower and he is going on one of the most historic days in the Middle East – he is going around the world announcing that the guy in charge of U.S. intelligence is an idiot,” Steyn said. “A few weeks ago just before Christmas, he was oblivious to the biggest terror bust of the day.”

That terror bust he was referring to was in an interview Clapper conducted with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, which he said he was unaware of a London terror bust.

That he is the head of US intelligence at a pivotal moment in history, and is clearly as ignorant of the world as he is, and still has his job is as appalling as it is frightening.