'Civil' Discourse: A One-Way Street?

After nearly a week of vicious, hyperbole targeting Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and other conservative figures, such words have questionable meaning. As Tammy Bruce remarked the day after the service,

Some have said their praise of tonight’s speech is out of deference to the families of the victims -- five days after a wholesale effort by the same people to use the victims and atrocity for political gain? Really? My respect has been since moment one -- and that respect continues in calling out those who use a horror like Saturday like they would a dirty dishrag -- something to be used and then tossed.

I know I’ll be watching this year’s address with more interest than usual. Is “uncivil” to be the new “racist” in our brave new world? With the 2012 presidential election cycle about to commence and the Oval Office to be held, we will soon find out.