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Chutzpah: Obama Enlists Sen. Carl Levin to Sway Jewish Voters

Senator Levin led partisan attacks on George Bush, Dick Cheney, and CIA officials who ran programs to monitor terror communications and bank transfers. Levin assailed those who questioned terrorists. Demonized them.

Levin protected inept and negligent CIA chiefs John Deutch and George Tenet, Democratic appointees who helped the CIA lose its operational and counter-terror edge during the 1990s before 9/11. Levin helped protect some of the people who enabled the Arab-Islamic terror of 9/11 and thereafter. Remember Democrat George Tenet telling George Bush that the CIA would only use drones to attack Bin-Laden "over my dead body"?

Levin and other Democrats boast about drone attacks under Obama, attacks which they condemned or tried to stop under Bush. They attacked Bush for "abuse" and "torture" in 2007 and 2008 for interrogating terrorists roughly, getting answers that eventually led to Osama bin Laden.

Levin, like Panetta and Obama, never apologized.

Levin is not alone. Joe Biden was once chairman of the Senate's international relations committee, and he personally blocked congressional legislation to put pressure on Iran in the 1990s for its nuclear program.

As for President Obama, he is certainly the most anti-Israel president since Jimmy Carter, equaling Carter's meager one-veto defense of Israel at the UN. Obama stood by, along with Secretary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice for most of the time, when Israel was savaged diplomatically.

Obama, Biden, and Clinton have allowed Islamist Turkey to push Israel out of certain counterterror forums and NATO exercises. Despite this, last week General Dempsey came to Israel for a photo-op and to take credit for programs that were put on line during the Bush administration.

It is no surprise that Obama would employ a Jewish senator to intercede with Jews -- we expect a certain cynicism from all politicians, but using a letter from Carl Levin as a sort of "note from the rabbi" will not work. Obama's real "rabbis," his spiritual guides and ideological inspirations, have given him anti-American and anti-Israeli sermons over the years, and they include Reverend Jeremiah Wright, terrorist Bill Ayers, and the late Professor Edward Said.

An honest appeal to Jewish Obama supporters should include a letter of support from them.