Chuck Norris vs. the Leftist Blogosphere

Indeed, the Founders certainly felt strongly that it is within our natural rights to revolt against a destructive government as a last resort. But Norris' critics seem eager to selectively ignore the all-important conditions that would have to exist to justify such an extraordinary action. Norris' entire argument is that if our government becomes totalitarian, making us subjects instead of citizens, then the people have a natural right to "rise up," a philosophy enshrined in the Declaration of Independence as a right existing in natural law. It was, after all, the justification for our own Revolutionary War.

The left-wing blogosphere preferred not to address the weightier issue of what constitutes a totalitarian government in Norris' article. Nor did they seek to offer an alternative redress for the apparently sizable minority of the population that is presently feeling disenfranchised. Instead, they predictably went for the lowest of low-hanging fruit, hammering Norris -- and justifiably so -- for the wince-worthy use of the phrase "thousands of cell groups" to describe viewing parties being organized to watch a special episode of Glenn Beck's television show.

Instead of addressing the concerns of those Americans disturbed with the direction of our country or confining their criticism to the author of this commentary, liberal bloggers such as ataturk at Firedoglake instead attacked their fellow citizens. He deemed those who would watch Beck's show at one of these viewing parties as "a plethora of "Tim McVeigh brigades."

Perhaps a decision to tie legitimate concerns over our children's future to domestic terrorism was decided upon at the collectivists' 8:45 call where the echo chamber is formed.

The Kossacks certainly seem eager to join in with the "concern equals terrorism" smear, while another liberal blog attempts to sell the fiction that left-wingers are non-violent. Apparently Andrew Mickel, an IndyMedia contributor who is now sitting on death row for executing a police officer in hopes of spurring a left-wing civil war, could not be reached for comment. Nor could Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Their Weather Underground terrorist group attempted no less than three mass murders. They also coolly suggested the genocide of what they estimated to be 25 million Americans in their declared war against the United States, just 15 years before they befriended a like-minded radical community organizer, who began his assent through politics to the presidency from their living room.

So Norris deserves to be chided for the language he decided to use to promote viewing parties for a television show, and for comments that can be read as the glorification of desperate acts of the past as the way out of an uncomfortable present. However, those on the political left in this country -- from the president down through Congress to these left-wing bloggers -- are continuing to contribute to the very frustration that is spurring the formation of these groups. They are sowing discontent with a dismissive "we won" attitude, a punishing political agenda, and a policy of the White House itself aggressively attacking critics. Dissent, it seems, was only patriotic until January 20, 2009.

Those on the left now seem to demand conformity, instead of trying to explain why we should trust them when they represent nothing more than a quickening of the corruption, greed, self-centeredness, and bloat of an increasingly insufferable government. Or perhaps they simply lack the ability to justify what they intend to do "for our own good."

In any event, the increasingly transparent tactic of attacking critics, instead of explaining why their own ideas and policies are the correct prescription, is only going to alienate more Americans and lead to greater discontent, potentially sowing the seeds of their own downfall.