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'Chemtrails,' Ron Paul, and the Cost of Conspiracy in Arizona

Now ordinarily I'm not going to waste even a second worrying about any of this. After all, there are all kinds of maladies out there to choose from, so If I'm going to fixate, then I want the time to be well spent. Something with unrelenting blood or misshapen bumps or insect eggs under the skull is bound to be way more exciting than the pedestrian stuff listed above.

But then I found out that some of the toxic misting was taking place darn near in my own back yard. A guy would have to be a fool not to check that out...right?

Forgive me, dear reader, while I backtrack for just a moment. I am sure at this point you are asking yourself: Why would anyone dump Barium or Ty-D-Bol or whatnot on innocent people all over the planet? That's a tough one to answer. Except for maybe the climate change aspect (seeding the skies might bring about more sanguine weather patterns, which might help agriculture flourish), and the more sinister population control piece (as one of the links above states, the goal is to "eradicate useless eaters" for the greater good of those left standing), most of the conspiracy theorists seem to just accept that the powerful do it because they can; it seems to be an unsaid truism that those who have the ability to hurt others will always do so -- it's just in their nature, after all. Not that that is a very good answer, but in all the literature I have read, it is mostly about how and who and not the motives behind it all. Of course there is money involved -- but that is just a side aspect; the ruling cabals always make a lot of it somehow, and this is just another way....

And now back to the story!

Sedona, Arizona, is less than 100 miles up the road from my home in Phoenix. To say it is magical is to call Barney Frank misdirected. It is soooo much more. Famous for its red-hued rocky outcrops, vortexes, UFOs, and a slightly wacky-but-loveable concentration of activists of many stripes, it just makes sense that this Yavapai County city would be a prime target of the conscienceless goons who inflict mass mind-control techniques on the citizens of our world.

But Sedona-ites are not going to just take it. They are way too vigilant. And engaged. Even former politicians are involved in the fight, as detailed in this quote from Aircrap.org:

PHOENIX – She might be retired from political life, but former state senator Karen Johnson is not retired from being an activist. After serving in the House of Representatives for eight years and the senate for four, Johnson retired in 2008 to her home in Linden where she now has time to garden and become more active in issues that concern her.

One of these issues took her on a recent trip back to the state capital to try to bring the subject of chemtrails and geoengineering to her former colleagues, including Governor Jan Brewer and Senator Sylvia Allen who is from Snowflake.

Johnson is incensed by the wanton disregard of the evil-doers for the sanctity of life, and "...would like to see Arizona declare the state a 'no fly zone' for chemtrail spraying."

“The data found...shows that one of the chemicals being sprayed is aluminum oxide which is toxic to all life,” said an angry Johnson. “Alzheimer’s has increased rapidly since they started spraying in the late 1990s.”