'Chemtrails,' Ron Paul, and the Cost of Conspiracy in Arizona

While putting the finishing touches on this article, I had a chance to talk to many people about the (alleged) chemtrail phenomenon. And one name came up again and again: perennial presidential candidate Ron Paul. (See the youtube video above.)

It makes sense, of course. Whether Congressman Paul believes in chemtrails or not (the matter seems to be disputed), his fringe belief system draws the types of people who obsess over matters that are at best silly, and at worst deadly. But he also ends up dragging a whole bunch of goofy conspiracies into our political process by means of his tech-savvy, oddball supporters. The result is what happened at the Sheldon Adelson evening caucus in Nevada (when Paul supporters seized the podium to push their pet issues) and this tale of misadventure from my home state: Time is wasted. Brainpower is misused and frittered away on marginal and mostly theoretical subject matter. And our communities are distracted from dealing with issues that are actually important.


If you're like most folks, you probably look up at the sky occasionally. And when you do, you may or may not notice the long white crystalline etchings that zig-zag across the atmosphere, remnants of the thousands of jets that ply the ether in their daily travels.

(I myself do not notice them; it is hard enough texting and driving as it is, and I do not own a convertible.)

These evanescent beauties are known as contrails, which, according to Wikipedia, are

...artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets or, if the air is cold enough, tiny ice crystals.[1]

Sounds reasonable to me.

But there is a vocal and vociferous minority that believes contrails are just one of the substances that can spill from the back of a plane -- and that they are used as cover by the diabolical to mask what really happens at high altitudes: the spraying of noxious and poisonous substances known as chemtrails.

Who is in charge of this genocidal program? Evil climate-change scientists? The U.S. government? The Air Force? How about The New World Order or The Illuminati? Has anyone spoken to the artist formerly known as Prince? He seems to know a few things....

Regardless of who is directing it and carrying it out, and for what manner of nefarious purposes, the practice is evidently widespread, and easy to spot:

The effects range from nuisance caliber to worse. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

Neck pain Stiff neck  Stomach cramps Headaches/Sinus problems Nausea Dizziness/ Light headed Can't catch breath Weepy feeling of sadness/No energy Massive or light fatigue/Crying spells Loose bowels Feeling disconnected or "spaced out"/Can't focus thoughts or speech/Confusion Deep coldness Depression Tight chest which gets worse when laying down/Anxiety Symptoms never seem to go away/Tests from doctors show nothing /Congestion in chest Body pain Dramatic mood swings/Anger, sadness Tightness in chest and or stomach/Ear aches Sore throat Tightness in shoulders both or one side going in to neck, head, and sinuses/Soreness all over Dry cough Metallic taste in mouth Stomach acid problems Hot flashes Unexplained rashes Short term memory loss, Etc...