Cheerful, Bespectacled Hockey Mom Drives Journalists Nuts

In the 10 days since Gov. Sarah Palin was introduced to the world, she hasn't appeared on Meet the Press so much as once. She hasn't talked to Barbara Walters and tried to keep a straight face during questions like, "If you were an igloo, what kind would you be?" She hasn't submitted to the calm, unbiased questions about her uterus that Keith Olbermann printed from the Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan's Daily Deterioration. In case you've been away from the Internet lately, here's today's talking point at a blog comment thread near you:

"Sarah Palin's scared of the press! What's she hiding?? Why isn't she letting them do her a favor by interviewing her??? Mommy!!!!"

Not that anybody with a bit of common sense can't figure out why she's "in hiding" -- which is an odd term to use for somebody who's drawing huge, enthusiastic crowds at all her stump speeches around the country -- but if you're still confused about why she's not talking to the press: Because the press hasn't earned it yet.

Sarah Palin was in the national spotlight for all of three days before once-legitimate newspapers started running with demented Internet rumors that she'd faked her pregnancy. Why would she now assume they're acting in good faith? The only people who are screaming to see her interviewed are the ones who are desperate for ammunition to use against her. Why give it to them just yet? "The people have a right to know!" Yes, the people have a right to know things that are true.

The press lost the right to use that argument when they ran with all these crazy slurs like it was the day before the election. She smiled at America and said, "Hi, how ya doin'?," and these irresponsible maniacs returned the greeting by trying to stab her in the heart. And now that they've missed, they're trying to guilt her into buying them lunch.