Charlie Rangel Is Back Living the High Life

So Rangel is getting an award from the NPCA, having been scored 91.63 percent for his national parks voting record in the 111th Congress.

Call me suspicious, call me jaded, but if I know that I’m going to receive $100 for walking home the same way every day, do you think I won’t walk that way unless I’m offered a greater incentive for walking another way?

The award was based on Rangel’s voting record on one dozen national park-related bills, with awardees voting “correctly” on at least seven of them. Overall, the bills had to do with keeping firearms out of national parks, open space under the guise of land preservation, the cleaning of monuments, and an omnibus public land management act.

When he received the award, Rangel said: “I always thought children and their future were our country’s greatest treasures.” My understanding is he went to Congress to do what was best for the people, not what was best for those with deep pockets, who would restrict the use of public property.

Rangel also spoke of “teaching the American people the significance of our history.” Really? I thought the idea of teaching Americans the significance of “our history” was to do it in a truthful and accurate way. Not the distorted, revisionist rendering of history that leads to amyotrophy of the mind.

The question that begs an answer is this: When will the public realize that the Rangels of the political world are not in office to help the people as such, unless it doubly helps the politician? The Rangels of the political world are only there for ordinary people if it makes them look good and/or makes an opponent look bad.

The majority of people in Rangel’s district cannot begin to pay for the kinds of favors that lobbyists and special interest groups can. So it stands to reason that he would use his ill-gotten gains to wine and dine with those who visited his Caribbean resort home, or favor in other ways those who had the means to contribute to his Rangel Center.

Sadly, while Rangel basks in the light of his award --  he speaks about how terrible Republicans and Tea Party people are for preventing Obama from creating jobs.