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Charges Dropped Against Street Preacher (Thanks to Canada's 'Rebels')


Another win for CanadianĀ free-speech hero Ezra Levant and his viewers at TheRebel.media.

Last year, Rev. David Lynn was fined by Toronto police for "busking without a license."

The trouble is: He was preaching at Toronto's lively Yonge & Dundas intersection, where actual musical buskers -- and, not incidentally, Muslim proselytizers -- generally make lots of noise unmolested.

Levant set up a fund to hire a lawyer for Lynn, and today news broke that the charges against him have been dropped.

It's hard to say whether or not the preacher can be charged again, but for now, chalk up another win for the guy Instapundit calls "the Andrew Breitbart of Canada," and the engaged, concerned citizens in TheRebel.media's audience.