Changing the Dynamics of the Immigration Debate

Americans know that we have a broken border and a broken immigration system. But how many of us realize that we may be many years away from fixing either, because the very way we talk about immigration is more broken than anything?

We're so eager to be heard that we've stopped listening to each other. We jump to conclusions without having the facts, and we question one another's motives. We're so convinced of the righteousness of our position that we don't see the need to consider alternatives. Besides, the loudest voices are the shrillest, and we pay too much attention to special interests with narrow agendas.

Those on the Right should just admit that there is an element in their ranks that is anti-foreigner and wants to end not just illegal immigration but the legal kind too. Those on the Left insist they support enforcing immigration law, which seems unlikely given that they oppose workplace raids and deportations. Until both sides come clean, we can't ever hope to have an honest discussion.

That's what I was aiming for during a recent appearance on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor.