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'Centrist' Meme Abandoned, Lapdog Media Encouraging Obama to Head to the Left for SOTU

"We love you-don't disappoint us!"

If President Obama wants to sketch a set of legislative goals, he might look to President Johnson. In 1965, LBJ was fresh off his landslide victory against Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater and he managed to outline a breathtaking agenda, offering proposals for government to expand its role in all walks of life, from education to health care to the environment.

The author of this post wrote a book about Jimmy Carter, so it's easy to understand his idolization of LBJ, who, by the way, it's never a good idea to "look to" for anything. There's also the very real possibility that President Obama spends too much time reading Paul Krugman and thinks LBJ and FDR weren't very big spenders at all.

Get ready kids, four more years really starts with this speech.