Celebrities Swoon for Obama

Celebrities are doing their darnedest to affect the upcoming presidential elections. Sure, it didn't work in 2004, despite their massive push on behalf of Sen. John Kerry.

Remember Vote for Change?

They didn't learn their lesson, and they've only upped the ante this time around to support Sen. Barack Obama.

They just can't help themselves.

Some famous folks are rallying the vote in vaguely nonpartisan -- but creepy -- ways. They're shooting "get out and vote" videos meant to flourish on the web. Check out the "Don't Vote" clip, which manages to be both endless and endlessly patronizing. Do citizens really need Leonardo DiCaprio to remind them what's at stake Nov. 4?

Others are taking a more direct approach, pleading with voters to pull the lever, or punch the button, for Sen. Barack Obama.

Either way, it's simply more of the same -- celebrities with little acknowledged expertise in political science acting like learned professors, or at least the kind who bring their views into the classroom. Hard to believe any sentient being will make his or her decision based on what Madonna and her ilk thinks.

That never prevents them from speaking out. It must feel too good to stop. Plus, their Hollywood peers will give them hearty handshakes for their efforts and declare how "brave" they were for taking a courageous stand.

You want courageous? Try wearing a McCain/Palin button to a table read or red carpet film premiere.