Celebrating Hate in the Name of Multiculturalism

This surely has something to do with Sudais’ influential patron in London, Mohammed Abdul Bari, the director of the East London Mosque and the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), a registered charity founded in 1997 that serves as a national umbrella organization for 400 Muslim “affiliate” groups. Bari has reduced Sudais’ rhetoric to “some of the old reports by Islamophobes” and defended him as “very popular. He's not just coming to our mosque, he is also visiting major mosques around the country.”

Bari’s East London Mosque received one million dollars from the Saudi government for its new Islamic center, which opened in 2004, and his Muslim Council prefers to parry or rationalize when confronted by the nastiness of those religious “leaders” it welcomes to Albion.

BBC reporter John Ware interviewed Bari, as well as his predecessor in the secretary generalship of the MCB, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, in 2005. When it came to the subject of the Islamist root of the MCB’s affiliate organizations, Sacranie had this to say:

Ware: I’m quoting from Alhe Hadith. As I say, it’s quite an important affiliate of yours and just to give you one example from their website, they say of Jews and Christians: “Their ways are based on sick or deviant views” and that “imitating the Kuffaar leads to a permanent abode in hellfire.” ... Do you subscribe to that view?

Sacranie: I don’t subscribe to that. I’m not a member of Alhe Hadith but it’s a membership that we have, it’s diversity that exists in the community, having different views on life.

Ware: Isn’t it a form of diversity you should disown?

Sacranie: Well, we must accept the reality on the ground that the diversity that we have with the Muslim Community in the UK and as long as they subscribe to our constitution, which is very clear, which is on the website and it’s totally transparent in terms of its activities of a work which is through the teachings of the Quran and upholding the principles of Islam; then what they do outside the Council, there is no control that we have on them.

“Diversity” and “community” have become catchwords to those who stand for their semantic opposites. Among the other affiliates of the MCB, for instance, is the Islamic Foundation, established in 1974 by the head figures from the Jamma’at Islami party of Pakistan, which hopes to see the country governed by Sharia law. Jamma’at Islami is guided by the messianic writings of Abul Ala Maududi, the Pakistani equivalent of Said Qutb, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and well known since 9/11 as the emeritus theorist of the Bin Ladenist school of jihadism.

The Islamic Foundation sells and translates Maududi’s works to British Muslims.

Sacranie could not well argue that the MCB has “no control” over the Islamic Foundation because the Islamic Foundation was instrumental in the founding of the MCB. And Professor Kurshid Ahmad, the Islamic Foundation’s chairman and rector, also vice president of Jamma’at Islami, calls it a “blessing” that Islam is a “revolutionary ideology.” You won’t find that on the MCB website, however.

It hardly helps, then, that Prince Charles has described the “prime focus” of the Islamic Foundation to be “the promotion of first-rate scholarship and learning,” of which the crown prince has evidently done little perusing. Indeed, cynical Islamists masquerading as spokesmen for all Muslims are only aided in their efforts by gullible or timid Westerners for whom a terrible day is being called insufficiently “multicultural.”

This is how anti-Semitic goons like Sheikh Subais get their passports stamped at Heathrow.