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Caroline Glick: 'For Those People Who Hate Me, Expect More' (Updated)

The critics of the parody show a definite disconnect with what actually happened, according to publicly available video footage of the incident. The supposed “peace activists,” some members of the terrorist group IHH (Foundation for Humanitarian Rights and Freedoms), initiated the violence. Says Glick:

Calling them peace activists is a complete lie. If you want to get some credibility you attach the word peace to your name or title, and you can get immunity to criticism. Instead of listening to the message, they are demonizing the messenger.

She continues:

There is a boycott of Israel by Hollywood and the rock world. They would rather champion a terrorist organization against Israel. Where are the Jews of Hollywood -- Steven Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, and David Geffen? They will not speak out on Israel’s behalf. They care far more about being leftist than they care about being Jews.

Glick feels her critics did not succeed at stifling her speech -- according to her, tens of thousands of people sent in responses to the video, with 90% of them being overwhelmingly positive. Responses came from people of different religious backgrounds, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Armenians, and Kurds, from all over the world. She points out that after the original version was taken down, al-Jazeera aired almost the entire clip after translating it into Arabic. She feels the reason for her success is the clear, truthful, and understandable points:

People were really moved by our message, and it hit them in both the head and the gut.

Defiantly, Glick just released another video:

For those people who hate me, expect more.