Can There Be 'Peace Through Weakness'?

President Ronald Reagan's administration operated in light of Barry Goldwater's mantra, "peace through strength." The belief was simple: a strong military and the willingness to use it will prevent wars rather than incite them. After all, human nature dictates that people rarely, if ever, pick a fight with someone who will successfully retaliate. This is why bullies and thugs are always looking for someone whom they can easily overcome.

Yet President Barack Obama has turned Goldwater's premise on its head. Instead of promoting strength as a way of ensuring peace, Obama is promoting weakness through his "hand of friendship" to every rogue nation and struggling tyrant who will shake it. Regardless of what Obama's ultimate goals with such spinelessness might be, it begs the question: can there be "peace through weakness"?

Recent history indicates that there is no such thing as peace through weakness, a lesson illustrated today by North Korea's fearless missile launches and nuclear tests. Both President Bill Clinton and his successor, George W. Bush, refused to do anything militarily to stop North Korea's pursuit of a nuclear weapons program and now it seems that news about Kim Jong Il's nuclear tests has gone from surreal, to surprising, to something we're resigned to living with.

What's sad is that Iran is watching. While North Korea is mocking our denunciations of their missile tests and members of our State Department are making nice with every head of state that provides dinner and photo-ops for an Obama official, Ahmadinejad is wondering if we'd actually respond to an Iranian-sponsored attack on Israel. And why shouldn't they wonder? They are, after all, witnesses to the fact that "Obama wishes to shape new universal discourse, which seeks to replace the confrontation with the radical Muslim world ... [with] reconciliation."

Every leftist world leader worth their salt in political discourse knows that the use of "reconciliation" is Obama-speak for "the U.S. is finally willing to take her share of the blame for the crimes of other countries."