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California's Clown King Jerry Brown Unleashes His Special Brand of Lunacy


Ahhh… California. You never, ever fail to amaze. I’ve written about you before - how you resisted the tidal wave of Tea that broke over the rest of the country like a wave of good sense and allowed it to come to a crashing halt at California’s eastern border, ensuring another few years in the loony-bin. You brought back Governor Moonbeam, who has now really outdone himself in the bats**t crazy department, as he spent the past few days clearing his desk of the final bills sent to him by his equally barking moonbat legislature. It’s such an overwhelming display of ignorant arrogance that I almost don’t know where to begin.


He has outlawed “open carry” of handguns. His decision, of course, is in response to the rash of violent shooting deaths spawned by law-abiding citizens exercising their right to carry a gun. Oh… wait. That never happened. Correction: His decision, of course, is in response to his own and other leftists’ desire to undermine that pesky Second Amendment that they hate with a fiery burning passion, impose more state control, and infringe on citizens' liberties.

Speaking of liberty, and citizens, Governor Moonbeam ignored the clear will of the majority and has granted state financial aid to illegal aliens. So if you’re from Idaho, you’ll pay full price at UCLA – but not if you’re from Tijuana. His decision, of course, is because California is absolutely brimming with money and can afford to throw a whole bunch of it at illegal aliens. Oh… wait. California’s economy is actually circling the toilet and about to go down for the last time. But it’s okay – because this bill certainly won’t inspire any MORE illegals to show up here in order to get more stuff. Oh… wait. Yes, it will. But at least this bill certainly doesn’t send a message that violating the law is okay and will be rewarded. Oh… wait.

Particularly high-handed was the Clown King’s banning of ballot initiatives from primary elections. Now, any ballot measure may only be decided during a general election. One of the few Republicans in the California legislature, Assemblyman Martin Garrick, says:

Arrogant political acts like this continue to poison the environment for cooperation in Sacramento.

I would argue that the Clown-in-Chief doesn’t allow any room for cooperation with his almost unrelenting Leftist attack on what’s left of California. Although he vetoed one of the stupidest bills to come along in forever – the one that would have encouraged babysitters to unionize, and parents to provide a paid relief sitter if they were out too long – he apparently only did so after deep and thoughtful contemplation. Of what, we do not know. He also was quoted in the L.A. Times waxing poetic in favor of parental rights:

I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state… not every human problem deserves a law.

And thus he also vetoed a law that would have fined parents whose kids ski or snowboard without a helmet. Fine and well. But before we confer on Clown the title of Parental Rights Defender of the Ages, let’s review just two more of his contemplative decisions.