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BuzzFeed's Ben Smith Launches Obama's Middle East Debacle Counterattack

This story by Ben Smith  is a disgrace. Smith reports that Republican "foreign policy hands" are dismayed at the Romney response to Tuesday's 9-11 attacks in the Middle East.

He only names one of them. The rest hide behind vague titles. Smith describes them as "a very senior Republican foreign policy hand," "a former aide to Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign," "a former Bush State Department official," and he allows them to snipe at Romney from the weeds:

The Republicans declined to speak for attribution, for fear of being publicly disloyal to their party's nominee.

They're cowards. They surely know that their words and the anonymity attached to them lend them weight that might not attach if their real names were used. The McCain campaign aide could be any of the authors of that disaster. The former Bush State Department official could be among those who waged an informational war against 43. The "very senior hand" should know full well that they are being used to spin the attacks around into a different story, one that distracts from Obama's disastrous, Jimmy Carter-esque day on Tuesday.