Buzz Ballad: Valerie

---apologies to Richard Thompson, and "Valerie"

Oh Valerie! You got Obama's ear

Oh Valerie! You control what he hears

Born in Iran with a Communist past

If the public knew about you they'd be aghast

The way you control the President and First Lady

Well they're wait, wait, waiting on Valerie

Hey Valerie! She was part of a ring

Valerie! That built public housing

Collected immense subsidy sums

For shoddy buildings, instant slums

Lots of poor tenants now living in misery

After en-, en-, enriching Valerie

If you're in the West Wing, better genuflect

To all of her whims, wherever she directs

If you don't, never you fear

In a twinkling you'll find yourself out on your ear

Yes, she'll have you thrown out on your ear

Oh Valerie! Oh Valerie! Oh Valerie!

Well Valerie! When bin Laden was found

Valerie! You turned the mission down

Three different times you nixed the "gutsy call"

Now Obama runs around spiking that football

Oblivious that he risked popularity

By wait, wait, waiting for Valerie

She is unvetted and uncontrolled

Wields massive power through a personal hold

Isn't it disturbing that such as she

Can determine the President's policy?

Foreign and domestic policy?

Oh Valerie! No-one knows what she do

Valerie! She's paid by me and you

She quietly pulls strings behind the scenes

Nobody knows what's behind the screen

Except that she's Obama's number one crony

We don't need, need, need any more Valerie

Don't need, need, need any more Valerie

We don't need, need, need any more Valerie

Valerie! Oh Valerie! Well! Whooo!