Buzz Ballad: The Streets of Manhattan

---apologies to "The Streets of Laredo"

As I walked out in the streets of Manhattan

As I walked out in Manhattan one day

I spied a rabble crying "Occupy Wall Street!"

And I drew near to hear what they had to say

I had to approach from a windward position

Handkerchief to nose and with tear-streaming eyes

Because of the stench that lay o'er the encampment

Where basic hygiene they most clearly despise

"Oh, where have you come from and why do you camp here?"

I asked the protesters with their hair like weeds

"Why, man, we have come from all over the nation,

To take a brave stand against corporate greed."

"But are you not wearing an iPod and iPhone?

And are you not bearing a laptop as well?"

"Yes, but corporations are the root of evil

And if we succeed we'll send them straight to hell."

I asked by what right he claimed another's property

Instead of going to work to gain some of his own?

"My Queer Studies BA," said he, "keeps me unemployed---

And I still owe a hundred grand in student loans."

I suggested that he perhaps alter his life plan

Take a job to tide over and then learn a trade

"Oh, no," he replied, "that is far too difficult---

It's much easier if all the world were re-made."