Buzz Ballad: My Sharia Law

---apologies to Stevie Wonder and "My Cherie Amour"



My sharia law, Mohammed says is Allah's way

My sharia law, over everyone it must hold sway

My sharia law will eradicate what has gone before

We stone women who show their hair because they're whores

It will dominate in time

If you are in a cafe or a crowded street

Halal food is all you can purchase to eat

My sharia law will force all the taverns to shut their doors

Your tipple of choice you know you'll taste no more

Islam will dominate in time

If you transgress you know your fate will be grim

You'll be whipped or we'll deprive you of a limb

My sharia law---it matters not that its provisions you deplore

We'll have religious police that you can't ignore

It will dominate in time