Buzz Ballad: 'Let's Not Talk About "Race"'

---apologies to Cole Porter, and "Let's Not Talk About Love"

My neighbors all spout the same drivel-idge

About how I'm enjoying "White Privilege"

I could talk about "race"---the topic's hot

But some other things shouldn't be forgot

So, let's talk of Solyndra, and "green energy"

How investors robbed the public and then got off scot-free

Or how the President could be such a dolt

To underwrite production of GM's Chevy Volt

Let's fly into some rages 'bout Obamacare's stages

And all the many thousands of its regulation pages

And think of how its ill effects will weigh on us for ages

But let's not talk about "race."

Let's talk about "Fast," "Furious" as well,

Holder walking automatic weapons to the cartels,

Let's speak of our last Secretary of State,

The death of the Ambassador she left to his fate.

Let's all of us get giddy-oh, 'bout what al-Qaeda did-eo---

Susan Rice flipped her lid-eo trying to blame a video

It's true we still have no clue to what they are keeping hid-eo

But let's not talk about "race."

Let's talk about jobs, and how they've declined---

How each month's glowing report one week later unwinds.

Let's talk of increased government giveaways

While we borrow from the Chinese at an increasing pace.

Why not discuss ascendancy of government dependency

And what the likely end will be continuing this tendency

Of over-regulation,

Unrestricted immigration,

"Comprehensive" legislation,

Executive usurpation,

Official dissimulation---

It makes one fear for the nation,

So let's not talk about---


If you drive a car, and fear new gas lines

Let's discuss the stonewalling of the Keystone pipeline.

Or, if you wonder why more folks don't protest

Let's discuss the biased policies of the IRS.

My friends, the time at last has come

To leave low-info voterdom

And so instead of dwelling in

A world defined by melanin

Let's talk of how there's hell to pay

With OFA and the NSA

Data-mining every which way

Or how we cannot guarantee

Any election's honesty without proper voter ID

Of topic's there's no dearth, you see

So let's not talk about "race."