Buzz Ballad: Jolly Old Ron Karenga (a Kwanzaa Carol)

Jolly Old Ron Karenga

---A Kwanzaa Carol, to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

Jolly old Ron Karenga,

Marxist to the core,

Torturer and murderer,

Academic whore,

Hit upon a plan to make

His ideas hold sway;

And invented the brand new

Kwanzaa holiday

Every night a candle's lit,

And in Swahili

Those observing celebrate

Marxist hegemony,

To isolate their hearts from

The land where they live

To dwell on past grievances

And to not forgive.

One can only hope blacks are

Mostly too abashed

To heed Ron Karenga and

His concocted trash---

And rather than follow him

Into endless night,

They'll reject Ron Karenga

And his Kwanzaa rites