Buckeye State Activism Bodes Well for Fall Battles

Yours truly was privileged to be on a panel with fellow Ohio bloggers Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts and Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion, with Matt's co-blogger Mark Garbett pitching in to keep the discussion of blogging and online activism on track. We aim to make the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance at least as potent a force as it was in state politics several years ago, when it can fairly be claimed that we helped save several political offices from being occupied by unacceptable Republicans, unhinged Democrats, or severely conflicted individuals.

We The People organizers are so pleased with the turnout of well over 1,000 and the positive attendee feedback that they're already beginning to plan next year's event.

On July 5, I attended the monthly meeting of the Clermont County Tea Party just east of Cincinnati. The group's guiding principles are simple: "Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets." I was attracted to the meeting by the arrival of the Americans For Prosperity Foundation's Running on Empty Tour. Apparently, I'm about the only one who had that motivation. Not to knock AFP's presentation, which was outstanding and important, but the packed meeting room had what I was told is its normal monthly contingent of roughly 300 attendees.

In 75 minutes, in bang-bang fashion, I heard an Ohio Health Care Freedom update, the AFP's energy presentation, a trucking company owner's revelations of how skyrocketing and volatile fuel costs have forced him to stop doing business in distant states, an EPA-driven sewage assessment horror story from next-door Hamilton County, an update on soaring water costs visited on Clermont County residents by a bloated water and sewer district with an edifice complex, and a brief overview of how the Community Reinvestment Act and excessive government intervention in the housing market has ruined what had been a well-functioning industry. Whew. This group is clearly near the top of its activist game, so it should be no surprise that reportedly 30% of the signatures necessary to get the health care initiative on the ballot came from Clermont County alone.

That's the kind of intensity it will take to get the needed results in November, namely preservation of SB5 and voter enactment of the Ohio Health Care Freedom Act. Both desired results would build further momentum for Tea Party-sympathetic candidates in critical 2012 primaries as well as the general election -- just in time to ensure that our Punk President and his Gangster Government fail to get four more years. John Fund summed it up when he employed an old but rarely truer bromide at the end of his We The People speech: "Politics is too important to be left to the politicians."