British Muslim Declares War on Cabinet Member

Cabinet minister Hazel Blears got wind of the fact that Dr. Abdullah, whose organization engages with the British government on issues of social cohesion, had signed the manifesto. She duly protested. Her office, officially called the Department of Communities and Local Government, made a statement demanding his resignation. In a March 26 article that later became a formal letter to the Guardian newspaper, she accused Dr. Abdullah of inciting violence against British military personnel and against Jews around the world.

Now that Abdullah has sued her for defamation, the numerous and ubiquitous Muslim organizations and spokespeople who have come to dominate the airwaves and columns of British media are lining up at battle stations. ENGAGE director Inayat Bunglawala, who once laughed in my face when I told him I had been threatened with death if I so much as set foot in the Regent's Park Mosque, has accused Hazel Blears of intimidating the Muslim Council. Abdullah himself has flown into a rage about the government's suspension of ties with the Muslim Council, saying this undermines the independence of the organization. To his credit, commentator Shiraz Maher has denounced Daud Abdullah. He says that by attending the Istanbul conference and signing the incendiary declaration the Muslim Council official is clearly advocating violence Hamas-style.

Harry's Place puts it this way: "It shows quite how undone [Daud Abdullah] now is. His open and shameless jihadism and treachery towards the country which has provided him with a home is laid utterly bare. He has no defense to his actions at all."

My only encounter with Daud Abdullah occurred in December 2005 when I wrote to then-head of the MCB Sir Iqbal Sacranie asking him what he intended to do about the 25,000 enraged jihadists I witnessed chanting epithets at the so-called Peace and Unity Conference in London's Canary Wharf just five months after the transport bombings. Abdullah responded by dismissing my fears and saying, in so many words, that there was nothing to worry about. (I would print his email here except that a few days later I received an angry email from someone at the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK and my computer's inbox suddenly evaporated.)

The Muslim Council of Britain is a charity that is entitled to government funding for mentoring programs and further support from trusts and foundations. It has received funding from the UK Department for International Development. As this article goes to press the British government is revising the structure of its relationship with mosques and is making money available directly to them rather than through the MCB. Interesting, too, that in early May Hazel Blears has taken swine flu off the front pages because she has launched a stinging attack on what she sees as an ineffectual Gordon Brown regime.

But meantime Dr. Abdullah's legal case against the government stands and he insists he has not advocated violence against any man, woman, or child. If he is successful it means it is open season across the world for Muslim activists to emigrate to new countries of residence and then campaign for violent jihad against the citizens and military of their host nation. Watch this space.