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British Media Still Touts Obama, but Conservatives Gaining a Voice

But does the British media's take on the election campaign and on U.S. politics in Britain really matter? After all, American conservatives don't need to look to Britain or anyone else for validation of their beliefs. And back in 2004, the Guardian tried to influence the election by orchestrating a letter-writing campaign to persuade voters in Clark County, Ohio, to vote for John Kerry, and the effort backfired; Clark was the only county in the state to turn from blue in 2000 to red that year.

However, it's easier than ever for opinions and ideas to cross national boundaries. And while conservatives may be as immune to the bias of the foreign media as they are to that of their own, less ideological voters are more susceptible, particularly if they're being told -- as was the refrain during the Bush years -- that their country's standing in the world would be improved were they only to put a Democrat in the White House.

So U.S. conservatives should be wary of the British media's influence, and be prepared to counter inaccurate and distorted attacks. But they should also know that there are plenty of Britons who love America, respect the religious beliefs of its people, and aren't embarrassed to call ourselves conservative. We're rooting for our allies across the pond, and for Mitt Romney.