New Brit Ambassador's Embarrassing Family Connection

The great irony in Susie Nemazee's becoming an ambassador's wife is that her brother had long harbored ambitions of being made an ambassador of the United States. He came close to being appointed ambassador to Argentina by Bill Clinton, but Senate Republicans opposed his nomination, which was eventually withdrawn amid questions about his business practices. As The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove tells it (his piece is also a good round-up of the Nemazee affair in general), so confident had Nemazee been of getting the post that he was taking Spanish lessons, which hopefully are at least enabling him to broaden his circle of friends in the clink.

According to Grove, Nemazee's ambitions were rekindled when Obama won the White House. He thought his close friendship with Joe Biden would be enough to secure him an ambassadorship, but the law caught up with him before his dream could be realized (how a perceptive and urbane individual as Biden failed to see through Nemazee remains a mystery).

It would be nice to think that as Nemazee contemplates his remaining years of incarceration, he can take some pleasure in the fact that, while he'll never get to be an ambassador of the United States, his sister is, after a fashion, living the dream on his behalf and will soon be doing so on U.S. soil.

And you never know: between the new family connection in Washington, his own connections to the famously forgiving Clinton, and Obama's coddling of assorted crooks and fraudsters, he might just find himself free in time to pay them a visit.

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