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Brett Kimberlin May Not Have a Soul, But He Has a Lengthy Internet Trail

Friday, May 25 is "Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day," but I thought I'd get some of my blogging done early. Yesterday I asked cryptically "Who is Brett Kimberlin?" You can't find out who he is or why he wages lawfare against anyone who points out his criminal history by looking him up on Wikipedia, because his page there got sent down the memory hole. Wikipedia hasn't explained how or why that happened, but Kimberlin seems to be blaming the Klan for writing the page about him. Who knew that the Klan, founded to be the Democratic Party's terrorist wing after losing the Civil War, is so wiki-savvy as to write up a wiki page about a convicted terrorist now? The sheet-wearers get around, I guess.

But Kimberlin's Klan haven't gotten to Google yet. Lee Stranahan linked to this very useful page on Google Scholar. It lists a whole lot of court action involving Mr. Kimberlin. Any lawyers in the readership here want to take on some of those links and see what sort of person we're dealing with?

One huge and relevant question hangs over all this: What did Barbra Streisand know and when did she know it? It's her money that funds Kimberlin's leftwing activism. Is she cool with funding an unrepentant terrorist? Did she even know that she was? Does she know that she's funding a man who has forced an innocent family to flee their home?