Brett Kimberlin and the Future of Blogbursts

Alas, my Monday morning Google News search for "Brett Kimberlin" didn't show any pickup by the MSM over the last four days, with the arguably mainstream exception of

(The Washington Times, Fox News, and Glenn Beck covered it, and they're huge, but don't count -- they're still "us.")

My fellow Canadian blogger/co-defendant, Catherine McMillan of heavily trafficked and highly influential, might have figured out part of the reason why.

She's run lots of successful online campaigns over the years, and she took part in the Brett Kimberlin blogburst.

But she sent me a frustrated email last Friday afternoon, printed here in full with her permission:

SUBJECT: The Conservative blogosphere is sofa king retarded

Re: the Kimberlin blogburst. What F***ING MORON picked the Friday before a long weekend???

They always do this. Always.

You may pass this on. Please.

Some may think such objections are harsh and petty in view of the larger issue, or argue that Memorial Day was the perfect symbolic choice of date.

However, these practical, tactical details need to be hashed out if we want to be successful and not just "right."

We ignore pragmatic critiques from veteran brawlers on our own side at our peril.

It's also distinctly possible that the MSM is continuing to ignore the Brett Kimberlin story because a) "it's complicated"; b) they're leftists who sympathize with his beliefs (if "not his methods"); c) it sounds like a blogger vs. blogger feud; or d) it still hasn't hit their radar screens.