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BREAKING: Chavez Loses Election(?) (Updating as we hear more)

Reported by ABC en Español.  More to come...

In the absence of anyone who actually speaks Spanish, here's a little bit more of my translation:

The candidate of the "Mesa de la Unidad Democratica" (a coalition of opposition parties)  .... the consulting firm Varianza has reported their exit polls show 51.3 percent for Henrique Capriles, the opposition candidate, to Hugo Chavez' 48.06 percent.

These exit polls were published before the polls closed, because the polls were held open for an extra hour because of "long lines". This is strictly against Venezuelan election law.

6PM PDT: Polls are mostly closed now. The Consejo Nacional Electoral has gone to the counting rooms.

6:13PDT: Univision is reporting that it looks like a clear victory for the challenger: "Univision confirms the trend to Capriles is irreversible" (from a tweet.)

6:19PDT: There's another report that "credible exit polls" show Chavez with an 9-10 point lead of Capriles....

7:14PDT: They're teasing a result soon.

8:00PDT: Or maybe not.