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BREAKING: Cain Tells PJTV that he 'Misspoke' on the Gitmo Terrorist Question (Video Added)

Immediately after the debate, PJTV's Alexis Garcia caught up with Herman Cain and asked him about this interview, in which he said he could see himself ordering all terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay released in exchange for one American hostage. Cain told Garcia that he misspoke, and would not order such a release.

Video of Cain's comments from Vegas is on the way. Watch for it in this post.

Update: Here is the video. Cain claims that he "misspoke" because the interview questions shifted topics too quickly. Or something.

Cain also asked about the criticism of his 9-9-9 plan, and a reporter stumps him a bit after Cain accuses critics of not having read the plan. Cain does hit a nice stride late in the clip, when he rips Romney's economic plan.