Boston Bombings: Speculation, Spin, and Shamelessness

Grier, who appears to have lived for a time in Greater Boston, somehow didn't know that this year's race, as is typically the case, had participants and spectators from virtually all U.S. states and territories as well as over 70 foreign countries, that most of the top ten male and female finishers were from outside the U.S., and that the race is one of six "World Marathon Majors" -- the marathoning equivalent of horse racing's Triple Crown and golf's major tournaments.

Tuesday evening, we learned from Dylan Byers at Politico that the journalistic pack is upset that the investigation into the Boston bombings hasn't resulted in any apprehensions -- but not because that might bring some solace to victims, and not because the wheels of justice and punishment would starting turning on the monsters who did this. No, what really matters is that "[a] great deal of political, financial and emotional capital depends on the answer to that question."

Someday, we may return to the time when straight news reporters knew that getting the who, what, where, when, why (in the story subjects' own words), and how of a story right is very hard, that it should be all-consuming, and that it leaves no time or space for amateur "analysis" and irresponsible speculation.

Until they do, they will continue to betray what should be their true calling -- and us -- on a daily basis.