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Born, Again, in Wisconsin: Rebirth of the GOP

The Cheesehead Revolution in Wisconsin is more than a catalyst for change, however. It is a call to arms for conservatives everywhere, giving courage and hope to lawmakers and politicians in states like Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California, states drowning in unfunded mandates, mammoth government employee pension obligations, massive debt, and mounting deficits. This is the perfect storm President Barack Obama was dreading. Big Labor's attacks on Scott Walker's reforms tested voter attitudes towards his aggressive, common-sense form of governing, and will surely embolden other conservative politicians -- perhaps even Mitt Romney -- to make the tough decisions necessary to restore fiscal common sense to a country driven off the cliff by self-serving public employee unions and believers in a big-government panacea. It will be the undertone for every public appearance of Mitt Romney, with the debt clock ticking ominously in the background. It might even provide the political backbone necessary to give Paul Ryan's budget proposal, dubbed the "Roadmap for America's Future," a fighting chance.

Like a punch-drunk fighter who has recovered and gathered his wits during the later rounds, the Republican Party has gotten its second wind -- precisely at the right moment. Democrats and public employee unions intended to use Walker as a warning to budget-cutting, union-busting conservatives across the country. Instead, now tens of thousands of once-faithful union members are suddenly not so faithful, refusing to contribute and quitting their unions in droves. Labor's miscalculations have already proven devastating and may well be the undoing of public employee unions as well as seed right-to-work legislation around the country.

One of the worst blunders in political history has proven true the following maxim: if you shoot at the king, you had better not miss.

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