Boarding the Right Train

Additionally, the problem, as we all know, is the nature of presidential campaigns that require enormous infusions of cash. They are to a large and distressing extent essentially money games. That is why the candidates, whether Democrat or Republican, are almost inevitably beholden candidates, responsive not only or even to the electorate and the nation but to their deep-pocket donors. They come shackled by the favors they owe their financial backers. Trump, on the other hand, has financed his own campaign and is not in thrall to individuals, groups or organizations whose needs and demands rival and perhaps eclipse those of the nation. Unlike every other candidate on either side of the political divide, Trump is favor-free. And for that, he cannot be forgiven. That is one of the paramount reasons his detractors and adversaries feel he must be stopped at any cost. He cannot be controlled.

Even though there are several aspects of Trump’s program that I cannot endorse -- his stand on eminent domain is one of them -- and I could wish, as his daughter Ivanka suggested, that he act at times more “presidential” and run a smarter, less belligerent campaign, he is in my estimation the only contender who has shown the courage to confront the range of genuine threats to American cohesion: political correctness, economic implosion, the borderless southwest, and Islamic terrorism and subversion in all its protean forms. The other major figures in the nomination races simply do not measure up to his chutzpah, his indifference to breaking taboos and his disdain for mealy-mouthed propriety.

Let’s face it. Sanders is a radical socialist who would bankrupt the country ASAP -- it would shortly feel the burn. Hillary is an Alinsky disciple, a serial liar and political incompetent, no different from Barack Obama. Marco Rubio is a nice guy with a spotty record, who is anyway out of the game. John Kasich, who is pro-amnesty, anti-gun and pro-Common Core, may as well be running for the Democrats. And Ted Cruz in self-contradictory fashion signed on to the disastrous Corker bill giving Obama a free hand in pursuing his agendas, especially in facilitating Iran’s nuclear ambitions and virtually assuring an impending Middle East holocaust.

The press, a preponderance of commentators and the RINO constabulary are ganging up on Trump, whom they see as a runaway train that must be derailed. He is certainly gathering speed and momentum on a track of his own gauge. If one wants to use the train metaphor, then I’d have to say that the other candidates variously resemble toy trains, some with powerful shadow figures operating the switches, others with only a table-top presence compared to Trump’s rumbling carriage.

None of the contenders are ideal, and some are infinitely worse than others. All are flawed beings. No doubt this has always been the case—including the Camelot Kennedy whose celebrity belied his abilities and the sainted Reagan who flinched in Lebanon, was lukewarm on Israel, and found himself entangled in scandals of his own making. No candidate has ever been a high speed express. But as trains go, Trump’s the best we’ve got.