Boarding the Right Train

The Post does not stop at this nadir of preposterous inversion. It proceeds to a level of misrepresentation bordering on slander. Trump has nothing to do with the KKK and has never accepted its endorsement. Nor has he “libeled and stereotyped wide swaths of humanity, including Mexicans and Muslims.” The editors of the Post should writhe in shame at purveying such partisan deception, and anyone who supports their claims should have his or her credentials checked.

The fact is that Trump is the only contender, Cruz not excluded, who has directly and vigorously confronted the destabilizing reality of America’s social and political malaise: the flood of illegal immigrants that is changing the cultural, economic and electoral profile of the nation, and the widening incision of Islamic terrorism into the social body. A wall erected to prevent an invasion of millions of illegal migrants into the country makes perfect sense, as it has for many other nations intent on protecting their borders; and a reassessment of immigration protocols and vetting procedures regarding Muslims entering the country is a no-brainer. Trump has never said that he is anti-Mexican or anti-Muslim. He is not libeling or stereotyping “wide swaths of humanity”; he is trying to keep America intact and to stem the tide of forces that are tearing the U.S. apart.

Nobody with any sense believes that the Donald is the perfect candidate for the presidency. But he is not the problem. The problem is a culture that appears determined to sign its own death warrant, splintering into a congeries of special interest groups and reveling in a morass of identity politics, moral relativism and infantile grievances. The problem is the catastrophic legacy left by Obama on the racial, economic and foreign policy fronts, from which the nation may not recover irrespective of who the next president may be. The problem is the brace of leftist hacks and retreads vying for the Democratic nomination, one of whom will occupy the White House if fractious conservatives have their way. The problem is a Republican establishment vastly out of step with its core constituency and seemingly preoccupied chiefly with retaining its beltway perks and privileges.

And the problem is also a media consortium that has corrupted its journalistic standards and thrown any semblance of objectivity overboard. I have learned to regard the Washington Post with the same aculeated skepticism I apply to The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Toronto Star, Le Monde, The Huffington Post, Salon, The Nation, MSNBC, the BBC, the CBC and innumerable other news fabricators and sectarian opinionators, including Fox News. All of these, of course, have taken bitter and often venomous exception to Trump, both the man and the campaign.