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Bloomberg's Condescension to Cops

The debate over gun control is one worth having, but if Mayor Bloomberg had consulted with his hired guns he might have learned that most cops recognize the folly of relying on gun control to keep weapons out of the hands of people like the man accused in the Aurora shooting, and they resent being used as props in his wishful thinking. The number of laws the shooter broke would probably number in the dozens. That Mr. Bloomberg thinks the addition of more laws would have prevented the murderous rampage is only evidence of the mayor’s utopian fantasies: If only the right laws were passed, all undesirable outcomes – heart disease, obesity, murder, or what have you – would be avoided.

And Mr. Bloomberg could have found no more of an agreeable interlocutor than Piers Morgan, the effete Brit who, like Mr. Bloomberg himself, observes America and finds so many things not to his liking. Leading up to his question to Mr. Bloomberg about guns, Mr. Morgan lamented the benighted state of the American electorate. “Every time one of these [shootings] happens,” he said, “Gabrielle Giffords last year, this shooting here, there's an outrage and then very quickly it dissipates. The American people quite quickly go back to their normal lives and they don't demand action in a way that I would expect them to.”

So we colonials don’t behave in a way Piers Morgan expects us to. He’s no doubt equally baffled as to why Sean Hannity has two to three times his audience every night.

And Mayor Bloomberg is baffled as to why cops don’t demand more gun control. The reason is simple: cops deal with real life and the real consequences of people’s bad decisions. Even if the Aurora shooter had somehow been denied access to the firearms he used, the booby traps he left in his apartment are evidence that he did not need to rely on guns to hurt people. Evil people, especially those as intelligent as the Aurora shooter apparently is, will find a way to commit their crimes no matter what legal obstacles are placed in their way.

What Mayor Bloomberg does not and apparently cannot grasp is that every police officer in America, far from wanting to be “protected” by the addition of a few more pages in the penal code, wishes he were at that movie theater that night so he could have taken action against the shooter. That’s how you deal with homicidal maniacs, Mr. Mayor.  You shoot them before they can shoot you.  Your bodyguards would have told you that if you had bothered to ask.

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