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Blackwell: GOP Must Face 'Rapid Decline in Morality,' Prioritize Social Issues

A poll conducted by inc./Women Trend on behalf of Freedomworks revealed a steady movement toward libertarianism among Republicans. The survey found that 78 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents characterize themselves as fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Asked about gay marriage, for instance, only 41 percent placed it among the top 10 issues facing the nation. Meanwhile, about 33 percent said abortion isn’t among their top 10 issues.

But Blackwell, who unsuccessfully ran for governor of Ohio as a Republican in 2006, said he believes moral issues are starting to regain resonance as the election approaches and voters sense “a rapid decline in morality.” Republicans need to acknowledge that without family values economic recovery is far from a sure thing.

“As conservatives, we can carry the message of economic liberty and family values in churches and synagogues,” he said.