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Blacks Enslaved by Left, Argues New Film

At over two hours long, the movie would have benefited from some trimming, but it still received a standing ovation from the mostly African-American crowd, which included many of the people highlighted in the film. AlfonZo Rachel of PJTV’s Zonation was at the screening and appears in the documentary, as does PJTV’s Bill Whittle.

The film was supported by private donations and FreedomWorks, whose founder, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, was in attendance with his wife, Susan.

Runaway Slave does not yet have a date for distribution, but the producers said they are working on a deal to open in theaters nationwide. If that does not happen, the film will be self-distributed through targeted screenings, DVD and On Demand. The website for the film is www.Runawayslavemovie.com

“This film is the safe house,” motivational speaker Mason Weaver told the crowd. “This is where you bring people who want to be free.”

C.L. Bryant agreed, “There is none so blind as who will not see. If you choose to keep the blinders on, it’s your fault.”

Rebecca Cusey is a Washington, D.C., journalist and movie critic.