Birthers Have a Point: Is Hawaii Really a State?

A certain segment of the population is being dismissed as "kooks" for doing nothing more than not blindly swallowing the information given to them. I'm talking about the legitimate concerns people have about whether President Obama is a natural born citizen and thus eligible to be a U.S. president. A long time ago it was honorable to stand up for the Constitution, but not any longer, it seems.

My first concerns about a future President Obama came when I saw his name: Barack Hussein Obama. That certainly sounds like the name of someone born outside of America. Of course, he could have been born in America and given a foreign-sounding name like that because his parents didn't like him. That certainly is plausible. If I were his parents, I wouldn't have liked him.

So the name by itself doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem, and neither does the well-documented fact that Obama was raised in a madrassa to be a radical Muslim who hates America -- nothing in the Constitution disallows that. But I really started to be suspicious when Obama tried to pass off that certificate of live birth as official proof he was born in Hawaii.

Come on. Have we really started trusting official documents of states as proof of anything?

Birth announcements in two newspapers were also provided as proof, but anyone -- including someone plotting a Kenyan coup -- could have paid to put those there back in the sixties. And we were given guarantees from Hawaiian officials that the certificate of live birth was based on the real birth certificate in their records, but everyone knows officials can be paid off to say anything -- just like Palin paid off doctors to say Trig was hers and then had her daughter impregnated as a distraction. Don't believe me? Just ask Andrew Sullivan, who bravely got to the bottom of that and has since been awarded such scary sounding titles as "kook," "crazy person," "someone without basic knowledge of human anatomy," and "former writer for the New York Times."

Also, it's well established that the Hawaiians are serial liars, and they could be lying about Obama now just like when they set off bombs at Pearl Harbor and blamed it on the Japanese.

So you can try to dismiss me as a nut, but what I am is someone concerned with the truth. Yes, you can point out that I didn't say a word when Diebold blatantly stole the previous two elections for Bush at the behest of Halliburton, but that's because I was legitimately scared for my safety. Remember when Bush blew up the levies in New Orleans to try and drown Kanye West? That was a fate awaiting anyone who questioned Bush or the "official" story about World Trade Center Building 7. (Who actually bought that story anyway? That has to be the first time in history a building collapsed from nothing more than massive damage and fire.)

Anyway, I'm no longer scared, and it's time to speak up for the truth and the Constitution. And the reality is that Obama's birth certificate isn't an issue at all. Why? Because there is no proof that Hawaii is even a state!