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Bill O’Reilly on Obama: ‘Give the Guy a Break’

WASHINGTON -- Fox News host Bill O’Reilly told PJ Media that the American public should give President Obama a break, adding that “nitpicking the president” does not do the country any good.

“President Obama’s got three years left in office. I think he’s going to try to make Obamacare work, that’s his legacy. I think he’ll devote most of his time to that but you’ve got to give the guy a break. He’s under tremendous pressure every day with some new crazy thing in this world,” O’Reilly said at the world premiere of Killing Kennedy in Washington on Monday night.

“I don’t think people nitpicking the president do the country any good. I mean, I disagree with him on some big issues, but let’s see if he can pull the Obamacare thing out of the fire. That’s what’s most important right now,” O’Reilly added, referring to the widespread technical issues with the Obamacare website.

Killing Kennedy, a television movie based on O'Reilly’s best-selling book of the same name, airs on National Geographic on Nov. 10.

PJ Media asked O’Reilly if there’s an aspect of Kennedy’s leadership that he thinks President Obama should borrow from in the remainder of his second term.

“That’s a good question. I think President Obama could learn from JFK in the sense that when things go wrong, you’ve got to own it. You’ve got to step up and say, ‘Look, it’s going wrong, we’re going to fix it; this is why it happened and this is what we’re going to do,’” said O’Reilly at the Newseum on the red carpet. “So after the Bay of Pigs, JFK is getting hammered, he’s getting killed because he screwed up but he acknowledged it and he changed a lot of the advisers, he changed the way he did business and he paid more attention to it and his presidency was better for it.”

O’Reilly was also asked for his opinion of the millions of individuals who are losing their private healthcare coverage after the president said, “If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan.”

“I think you have to give it a little bit more time to see how bad that’s going to be and how much more we’re going to have to pay. So you ask me the same question next March, I think I’ll be able to give you a more intelligent, fair answer,” O’Reilly responded.