Bill de Blasio and the Great Groundhog Murder Caper and Cover-up

The Short, Sad Life of Staten Island Chuck.

Behavior like this obviously needs to be investigated at the highest levels. Fortunately, we should be able to report it to the Moreland Commission, a blue ribbon task force established by Governor Andrew Cuomo to root out corruption and crime in New York government.  This sort of nefarious activity should be right up their alley. But wait… that might prove a bit difficult since the commission was disbanded by Cuomo when they began looking into activities involving his own office and his close political allies.

The office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a rising Democratic star and potential presidential candidate, hamstrung an ethics inquiry when it examined the governor’s political allies, an exclusive report by the New York Times revealed on Wednesday. Senior aides to the governor used their oversight of the ethics commission to derail investigations and pressure investigators whenever they examined people politically close to the governor or issues that might reflect poorly on him, the Times found, before the investigation was abruptly disbanded.

The ethics committee was established with great fanfare by the governor himself last summer as a way to end the state’s political corruption once and for all. But behind closed doors, the commissioners were impaired by the governor’s office, which eventually cut their work short despite finding a number of concerning offenses.

This seems to be in the finest traditions of New York politics. Clearly the mayor of one of the largest cities on the planet can get away with bloody -- or at least internally bleeding -- murder. Small wonder, when the governor himself can be in the midst of a wide ranging ethics scandal and still somehow maintain a 25 point lead in the polls over the only Republican we could find who was willing to run against him.  This is a group of voters who couldn’t even manage to oust Charlie Rangel. Why would they abandon people like Cuomo and de Blasio?

All of this comes in the shadow of life in a state with nearly the highest tax rates in the nation and businesses which flee to the South, taking their jobs with them.  The state board of tourism’s motto is still held to be “I Love NY.”  Many of the residents, however, have to be feeling like they’re in an abusive relationship by now.