Big Brother Reads Minority Report

While our friends on the left celebrate the fact that their president showed more life than the dead parrot in the Monty Python sketch, and convince themselves they won, someone needs to tell them any time – any time – they let Obama talk in public without a teleprompter, he lets ideology leak out.  And that their ideology is scary to those of us in the real world.

This is much worse, of course, when the press cooperate to enable him.  I wonder when they will realize this is counterproductive.

Martha Raddatz would have done the vice president a much greater service if, instead of covering for him, preventing Ryan from finishing his answers, and generally acting like his paid media agent, she’d told Biden, “Sir, are you feeling quite well?”  Or “I’m sure you didn’t mean to laugh out of turn.” Or just prevented him from interrupting Ryan once a minute.

And the inappropriately named Candy Crowley would have done the president a much greater service if she’d not forcibly inserted herself into the debate, generally giving the impression our weak-kneed commander in chief needs to hide behind a woman’s skirt.  All the same, at least one of her insertions might have saved his bacon. By lying while backing him up, she made that the story of the evening and called attention away from Obama’s outright lies and bizarre assertions, which -- in other circumstances -- would have been the center of the debate post-mortem.

I want to bring up at least two of those because they deserve not to be forgotten. One of them because it’s such an astonishingly brazen lie that you’d think even a politician would be afraid to say it; the second because it is, in and of itself, a terrifying pronouncement, which leads me to believe the left reads dystopian science fiction and thinks it’s a society owner’s manual.

The first one is Obama’s implication that the reason gas is so expensive at the pump is that the economy is doing well, or at least recovering.

"Well, think about what the governor -- think about what the governor just said. He said when I took office, the price of gasoline was $1.80, $1.86. Why is that? Because the economy was on the verge of collapse, because we were about to go through the worst recession since the Great Depression, as a consequence of some of the same policies that Governor Romney's now promoting."

To begin with, this is a crazy moment of “who are you going to believe? Us or your lying eyes?” Like the repeated Summers of Recovery which even the Wall Street Journal was touting at one point, this only makes the citizenry locked in the worst “recovery” in the history of the U.S. feel like not only does the Obama administration not care we’re suffering, but they think we’re stupid.

Second, I guess all of us must have forgotten the late eighties, because, gee golly, I swear gas was really cheap and the economy was going like gangbusters.

The worst part of this?  I think Obama truly believes the economy is recovering, just like his wife believes it is booming.  They are both the product of exquisite indoctrination. They don’t understand how the policies they’ve been TOLD would work can NOT be working.  So, they must be working – they must!

They also don’t seem to understand gas is used for more than pleasure jaunts.  Possibly because it’s not used for anything else in their singularly sheltered lives.  Which means they don’t understand the chilling effect of the cost of gas on the production and transport of … everything.  They wanted gas prices to “skyrocket” to discourage consumption, but they didn’t see (probably still don’t) that this meant skyrocketing food costs and … everything costs.