Biden Prays with Religious Leaders. Not Really, He Tried to Co-Opt Them to Push Gun Control.

Separation of church and state? Democrats never heard of it.

During a more than two-hour meeting at the White House on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden asked leaders from across the faith community to keep up pressure on lawmakers to support compromise background check legislation even as Congress begins to shift its focus to immigration reform, according to several attendees who spoke to CNN.

Biden urged the roughly 20 faith leaders in attendance not to be discouraged by recent legislative failures, and instead assured them that the White House had not given up.

"Even though he suffered a defeat, he didn't sound defeated," said pastor Michael McBride of the PICO National Network. "And we need that kind of hope from the bully pulpit of the White House."

Any pastor who sides with the most pro-abortion, anti-Christian administration in US history ought to be defrocked. By "anti-Christian," I'm referring to how this administration has used ObamaCare to force itself on Christian organizations and business owners in violation of the religious rights of their leaders, and persecute them. The administration did finally give up on trying to force Bible publisher Tyndal to provide abortifacients, but only after a lengthy court fight. Its persecution war against Hobby Lobby rages on.

headline h/t to Fark