Biden Calls Campaign Audience 'Dull as Hell'

Vice President Joe Biden continued his campaign roadshow today when he berated a breakfast fundraiser crowd in Washington for being "dull as hell."

Tickets started at $2500, with all proceeds from the event going to the Obama Victory Fund, for the event with more than 200 members of the Turkish and Azeri communities.

According to the White House pool report, Biden reiterated many of his foreign policy lines from yesterday and hit on some of the standard domestic campaign themes.

“I guess what I’m trying to say without boring you too long at breakfast – and you all look dull as hell, I might add," Biden then said. "The dullest audience I have ever spoken to. Just sitting there, staring at me."

"Pretend you like me!” Biden exclaimed, drawing laughs.

When finally wrapped up the 20-minute address, he said it was “because I’m boring you as much as I’m boring myself.”