Bernard Goldberg: Liberal Media Bias Detector

Having struck out time and again, I went back to the source. Goldberg wasn't surprised by my anecdotal findings. "Academia is probably the most left-wing institution in all of America, and journalism professors are among the worst. And by 'worst' I mean closed-minded," Goldberg said. Slobbering actually opens with  Goldberg recalling the time he spoke to a university class and reminded the professor that journalists who seek to "change" society do so from their own viewpoint.

Goldberg said he rarely reaches out to universities these days. Why bang his head against the wall? "There seems to be an underlying unease with me [amongst professors]. I come off as reasonable, I think -- and that throws them," said Goldberg, who has won three more Emmys since joining HBO's Real Sports program. "I'm not a right-wing ideologue. I get the impression they wish I were. They could dismiss me more easily that way. But there's this feeling that they are not buying anything I'm saying."

Goldberg said his first book, Bias, is on several college curricula but they remain the exception. "If journalism professors aren't eager to explore my ideas -- despite the fact that I've been a full-time journalist since 1967 and was never, repeat, never, accused of having a conservative bias ... and if journalists [as you say] can't be bothered ... then the problem of bias in the media will continue." he said.

So the next time you read about another round of newspaper layoffs, consider the following. Folks like Goldberg insist news outlets are disrespecting roughly half their audiences with their consistent bias. That's hardly a way to run a business, especially one dealing with devastating market forces brought on by the Internet.

"[The MSM's] demise will be the result of one too many self-inflicted wounds. Even if they are too clueless to understand that," said Goldberg.

He could write another book on that topic alone, but it's a pretty safe bet few journalists -- or journalism professors -- would bother to read so much as the jacket.